Hygiene Monitoring Pack for Craft Brewers

Hygiene Monitoring Pack for Craft Brewers


This Service Pack is custom designed to meet your specific need.

The appropriate Sampling Plan is defined and quoted for after the first 2 calls of the consulting services. The 500 € reservation charge paid when ordering this Data Starter Pack will be deducted from the service invoice.

Item NumberNPCB HMS 01

Product Type: Service Pack for Brewers

Description :Accelerated implementation of a Hygiene-Environment monitoring plan for the management of microbial contamination risks 

Industries: Brewing Industry

AudienceBreweries of more than 1,000 hl/year wishing to set up a monitoring system to detect deviations, check and improve the efficiency of hygiene practices, the hygiene status of equipment, involve and value the work of those who brew (and clean)

Application: Building a history of results for process and environmental monitoring, reflecting the risk points for microbial growth and the effectiveness of hygiene practices and thus monitoring the risk of degradation of brew quality, brewery operations and consumer satisfaction


  • Collect 50 to 250 data points over 3 months of brewing, selected to:
  • establish the normal values and acceptable limits of the results at critical points
  • map the contamination at various suspect or sensitive points in the production environment
  • establish normal, deviant and abnormal values

Each data point consists of a microorganism count and a sampling context e.g. type of beer, equipment, recent cleaning history, other measurement records,...


  • Hygiene & production environment, production control, contamination risk detection 
  • Diagnostic tool for contamination, contamination risks, effectiveness of procedures and preventive measures, excluding treatment of causes.


  • Development of a personalised sampling plan using a systematic method
  • Sampling and microbiological tests can be carried out simply, without equipment, on-site in production conditions, on-the-fly
  • Quantitative results of total microorganism enumeration equivalent to those obtained in the laboratory by culture
  • User guide, recording and processing of results by Applications, paperless and pen-free


  • Risk assessment (Brewery-BioMire): Inputs, process by step, history and quality control practices
  • Monitoring plan creation (BioMire): List of accessible sampling points, sampling methods and sampling schedule in the production activities
  • Implementation of the elements necessary for the monitoring plan (Brewery with BioMire assistance): Access and settings of the Apps, protocols for the use of the kits adapted to the planned samples
  • The brewery carries out the tests over a period of approximately 3 months (Brewery) The results can be consulted by BioMire at any time, on request and with the brewery's authorisation 
  • Analysis and recommendations for improvement of the monitoring plan (Brewery-BioMire) Interpretation of the monitoring information, suggestions for improvement of the sampling plan for routine testing and follow-up of corrective actions


  1. Monitoring plan with risk assessment summary
  2. Web & mobile accounts configured for the implementation of the monitoring plan + Test kits and user guide adapted to the planned sampling
  3. Summary report of the results and recommendations for improving the monitoring plan

Timeline (indicative):

  • Discovery meeting: 1:30 hour (video conference)
  • Planning and preparation for testing: 8 working days
  • Pre-analysis meeting: 1:30 hour (video conference)
  • Period of on-site testing and follow-up: approximately 3 months
  • Analysis meeting: 1:30 hour (video conference)
  • Analysis and report: 8 working days

Budget estimate: 3200 € for a campaign of 150 information points