Hygiene Assesment Pack for Craft Breweries

Hygiene Assesment Pack for Craft Breweries


Hygiene Assessment Pack for Craft Breweries

Item Number : NPCB DXS 01


Microbial contamination measurement campaign at pre-determined critical points, for benchmarking and external advice.

Turn Key, one week start-up, no lab required.

 Item Number : NPCB DXS 01

Industries: Brewing Industry


Breweries who want to assess their sanitary performance and compare to peers,
in need of a sampling plan, test devices and assistance to analyse results.

Application : Risk Assesment

Objective : Obtain a peer-comparable set of results for benchmarking.

Scope : Hygiene monitoring


  • No need for fancy equipment to do the tests. They're simple and can be done on-site while brewing.
  • The results show how many microorganisms are there, just like in a lab. And we use AI to help count them.
  • We provide mobile and web apps to guide you through using our service and handling the results.

Steps involved

  • First Meeting: We'll have a chat for about an hour to understand your brewery, how you make beer, and your practices. We can speak English or French using Teams or Zoom.
  • Sampling Plan: We'll give you a list of places to take samples and a schedule for testing that suits your brewery.
  • Testing Together: You'll do the tests with our help, making sure everything goes smoothly at your brewery.
  • Results Talk: After the tests, we'll have another hour-long talk to look at the results together. We'll compare them to what's typical and figure out what they mean for your brewing.

Timeline (indicative)

  • First discovery meeting: scheduled within the 3 working days after we receive the purchase order
  • Planning and preparation for testing: about 1 week
  • Period of on-site testing: 1 month
  • Result talk meeting: scheduled at your convenience after the last campaign

The Hygiene Assessment Starter Pack comprises of:

  • A sampling plan covering the critical equipment typically hard to sanitize
  • 50 easy-to-use stand-alone nomad IoT test kits for liquids and surfaces
  • The nomad Smart Microbiology App for mobile phones and tablets
  • An online account for storage, management and analysis of test results
  • 1 hour call with one of our experts to compare and contrast the campaign results

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