nomad ADVANCED Plan - Subscription for 1 year

nomad ADVANCED Plan - Subscription for 1 year


Annual Subscription to ADVANCED online services

  • Unlimited access to results - Results stored for 1 year

  • Test Result features: autocount,  result editing and validating, option to add other process KPI to nomad result, export as pdf and csv

  • Trend monitoring feature: automatic trend line, with automatic alert level setting, display of other KPI results - for surveillance and understanding of key process steps:

  • Plant mapping feature - for surveillance and prevention of cross-contaminations: 

    • Configure the site map : draw or drag&drop rooms, equipment, process flow, people & material flows, sampling points

    • Display : trends, microbial populations  on the site map

  • 5 users / 10 mobile linked to account / 2 sites

  • Order IoT kits separately with 15% discount