Beer Tap Monitoring Pack for Brewers

Beer Tap Monitoring Pack for Brewers


Beer Tap Monitoring Pack for Brewers

Item Number: NPCB TMS 01

Description : Centralized and remote monitoring of beer tap hygiene 

Industries: Breweries


For breweries producing beer in kegs, who want an independent means of monitoring the level of microbial contamination in their beers at the point of consumption


Centralised monitoring and provision of actionable information on the hygiene maintenance of beer taps in establishments serving draught beer. Coupled with beer tap maintenance information and customer complaints, this monitoring can be used to improve tap maintenance practices


Establish the workflow and practicality of the nomad system for proprietary beer-serving locations, by applying a standard monitoring plan to 3 establishments.

Scope: Hygiene and maintenance monitoring


  • Sampling and testing can be done simply, without any equipment on site, on-the-fly (nomad IoT kits)
  • Quantitative results of microorganism counts between 1-20cfu/ml (clean) and 100-300 (contaminated)
  • User guidance, recording and processing of results via Applications (Mobile App and Web), paperless and pen-free

Steps involved

  • First Meeting: We'll have a chat for about an hour to understand your brewery and points of sales, your practices and how the beer taps are maintained and sanitised. We can speak English or French using Teams or Zoom.
  • Sampling Plan(s)
    • We'll give you a list of taps to be monitored and sampling schedule
    • We’ll also share practical tips on the organization of the sampling at the point of sales, Apps settings, use of the kits and Apps
  • Testing Together: You'll do the tests with our help, making sure everything goes smoothly at your brewery.
  • Results Talk: After the tests, we'll consolidate the microbial data with the one you have on taste evaluations and sanitation dates, analyse it and look at the lessons learned together.

Timeline (indicative)

  • First discovery meeting: scheduled within the 3 working days after we receive the purchase order
  • Planning and preparation for the first test campaign: about 1 week
  • Period of on-site testing: 3 months
  • Result talk meeting: 8 working days after we have received your data for consolidation, scheduled at your convenience after the last campaign.

The Beer Tap Monitoring Pack comprises of:

  • A sampling plan covering the beer taps at 3 points of sales
  • 25 easy-to-use stand-alone nomad IoT test kits for liquids and surfaces
  • The nomad Smart Microbiology App for mobile phones and tablets
  • An online account for storage, management and analysis of test results
  • Calls with one of our experts to consolidate data with information on sanitation dates and analyse the data.

(*additional test kits may be necessary and are supplied with a 12% discount)

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