Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) Data Starter Pack - Customized Plan Booking

Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) Data Starter Pack - Customized Plan Booking


EMP Data Starter Pack

Monitoring plan with customized

number of cfu count results

This Data Starter Pack is custom designed to meet a specific need.

The appropriate Sampling Plan is defined and quoted for after the first 2 calls of the consulting services. The 500 € reservation charge paid when ordering this Data Starter Pack will be deducted from the service invoice.


The pack includes:

  • Consulting services provided to set-up a first set of environmental and hygiene monitoring data
    • Risk Asssesment: site history, practices, external and internal risks
      (1 hour visio call in English or French)
    • Sampling plan proposal over a 1-3 months period.
      Includes support with test protocols
      (1 hour visio call in English or French)
    • Analysis of the test results and suggestion for the sampling plan going forward (1 hour visio call in English or French)
  • Access to the mobile and Online Apps
    • Unlimited access to the mobile App available on Google and Apple stores
    • 1 year access to all the Online App features which include Auto-count for colonies, Test reports, Analysis, Micro-Wiki and linking mobile phones to the Online account
  • nomad IoT devices for testing the number of liquids and/or surfaces defined during the sampling plan visio call 
    • Any combination of boxes and kits (25/Pk) from the nomad IoT device offering in sufficient quantity to implement the sampling plan:
      • Testers for microbial count in liquid samples or kits for microbial count on swabbed surfaces
      • For Total count HPC or Yeast & Mold


Microbial Risk Management:

  • Hygiene monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Water monitoring
  • Process Monitoring
  • Investigations
  • Audits


Test devices


Total Count of stressed or non-stressed microorganisms or Yeast & Mold,  from the environment and equipment.

Sample type:

Liquids, surfaces, fingers

Microorganism Appearance: 

Incubation Conditions:

  •   Non stressed microorganisms : room temperature to 35 °C for 48-72 hrs
  •   Stressed microorganisms : room temperature for 7 days

QC Organisms:

 User Guides:

Storage Temperature: Room temperature or below

Shelf Life (from manufacturing date):  12-18 months

Device Material: 

Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS): 

These products are a mixture which is not a hazardous according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008

Package Description: 

  • nomad IoT Testers for liquid samples: 1 box of 25 Testers
  • nomad IoT Kits for surfaces: 1 box of 25 Testers + 1 box of 25 swabs

Box Dimensions (H x W x D): 

  • 90 x 185 x 108 mm
  • 3 1/2  x  7 1/4   x  4 1/4  inch

Package Weight:

Label Information: 

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  • Description
  • Q/Pk
  • Lot # (Text and Bar Code)
  • Expiry Date