nomad Smart Microbiology Mobile App nomad Smart Microbiology Mobile App nomad Smart Microbiology Mobile App nomad Smart Microbiology Mobile App nomad Smart Microbiology Mobile App nomad Smart Microbiology Mobile App nomad Smart Microbiology Mobile App

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nomad Smart Microbiology App

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Microbial Surveillance for the industry

The nomad App for mobiles and tablets helps busy industry professionals such as Hygiene, Technical and Maintenance managers prevent contaminations with a simple, intuitive yet advanced monitoring tool, wherever and whenever you need to collect data 

The purpose of this App is the painless and pen-free collection and management of richer and more robust data with photos, audio recording, geo locations, protocol templates, selection of test parameters from menus …and even an AI based colony counting feature for cfu tests

It links test devices, test protocols, sampling points, information about your process,  its environment and your test results into a single record to be shared and analyzed. 



The nomad mobile app is designed to be flexible and adapt to your microbiological risk management needs with test modes for all situations 

"On the fly" test mode, for unexpected situations, where it is important to test on short notice and with the human resources you have on hand:. 

  • Just grab a testing device, open the App and get started 
  • The App guides, menus and alerts will increase confidence in your data quality 

Routine testing, for regular testing where it is important to maximize reproducibility, the nomad App offers the capability to design routine testing protocols. Create a Routine with your own instructions for sampling, sample treatment, transport conditions, and more. 

Routine tests then include your notes and reminders, which helps maintain quality and precision when testing is repeated.

Simplicity reduces errors and oversights, improving data quality and outcome. The App features include:

Simple-to-Use – Built in tutorials and menus

Adaptable – Use your existing devices or add comfort and efficiency with nomad devices.

Flexible – Switch quickly between On-the-Fly testing and Routine testing

Painless and Pen-free – Scan devices, take notes, photograph testing sites, and track data without aches and pens.

Smart – Open an account (basic service is free) and log-in to gain insight from the power of AI applied to microbiology and other nice features

No Investment – Try the free nomad MRMS app with your existing resources.

Scalable – Customize your system as much or as little you need.


Autonomous Apps 

The nomad mobile app is self-sufficient for gathering, storing and accessing results to satisfy even occasional users. 

Data collection, treatment and display made easy 

Every data point has value. Each one contributes to the bigger picture to unleash process understanding and help make improvements. 

The mobile app is equipped with multiple recording features to help you capture notes and comments during testing.

Connect and share

The nomad Mobile app allows you to sample, test, read test results and record what you have done without a connection, wherever you are. When you can access a network on-site or off-site, the App will seamlessly connect, store and share information, schedules and alerts making information management easier than ever.

Built-in expertise 

The App structures is inspired by Best Practices for Hygiene, Monitoring and Microbiology, a solid foundation for building a high-quality database

An additional layer of simplicity: automatic colony counting 

The nomad Mobile App can record any type of result with a picture and a number. 

If the testing technique involves counting colonies, this fastidious and error-prone step can be greatly simplified by using the colony counting tool. All that is required is a WIFI connection to access your On-Line account.