Hygiene Diagnostic Pack for Microbreweries

Hygiene Diagnostic Pack for Microbreweries


Item Number : NPCB DXS 01

Product Type: Service Pack for Brewers

DescriptionIndependent diagnosis of the hygiene status of equipment and identification of points of concern in hygiene procedures

IndustriesBrewing Industry

AudienceBreweries of less than 1,000 hl/year wishing to identify critical control points and/or hygiene practices to be improved.

Application: Adressing doubts and identifying sources of contamination in the brewery that may affect the quality of brews, the operation of the brewery and consumer satisfaction

ObjectiveCollect 50 data points over the course of time and of brewing, and then record those that need to be monitored or that call for action to improve cleaning/disinfection.

Each data point consists of a microorganism count and a sampling context e.g. type of beer, equipment, recent cleaning history


  • Hygiene and environmental monitoring
  • Diagnostic tools for contamination outbreaks at production hotspots, excluding treatment of their cause


  • Easy to perform microbiological sampling and testing, without equipment, on-site under production conditions, on-the-fly
  • Quantitative results for total microorganisms equivalent to those obtained in the laboratory 
  • User guide, recording and processing of results by Applications


  • Discovery of the brewing process and practices specific to the brewery during an interview (Brewery-BioMire)
  • List of sampling points and testing schedule (BioMire)
  • Set up of the elements necessary for the monitoring plan (Brewery with BioMire assistance) 
  • The brewery carries out the tests over a period of about 3 months (Brewery). The results can be consulted by BioMire at any time, on request and with the brewery's permission 
  • Analysis and discussion of the information collected (Brewery-BioMire)


  1. Monitoring plan with summary of processes and practices in place
  2. Web & Mobile App accounts configured for the implementation of the monitoring plan + Test kits and user guide adapted for the planned sampling
  3. Report on the analysis of the information

Timeline (indicative):

  • Discovery meeting: 1 hour (video conference)
  • Planning and preparation for testing: about 1 week
  • Period of on-site testing: about 3 months
  • Analysis meeting: 1 hour (video conference)
  • Analysis and report: 3 working days