Picture of the COV-Hygien Xpress Trial Pack (5/Pk) - SARS STP 05

COV-Hygien Xpress Trial Pack (5/Pk) - SARS STP 05


Item NumberSARS STP 05

Short DescriptionCoronavirus Detection Kit for Surfaces - Trail Pack (5/Pk)

Assay TargetSARS-Cov-2 Nucleocapsid protein

Description : 

SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus detection kit for surfaces, Do-It-Yourself On-Site, Rapid (15'). Kits are presented in a zip)lock pouch containing 5 kits

Test Result Appearance

  • A reddish color appearing only on the control line,
    is considered a negative result
    i.e. the concentration in virus is under the Limit Of Detection (LOD)

  • A reddish color appearing on both the control line and the test line,
    is considered a positive result
    i.e. the concentration in virus is above the Limit Of Detection (LOD)


  •  The Limit Of Detection will vary primarily with the surface type and sampling technique and secondarily with the protein or virus source 
  • Viral detectability after sampling: down to 5 103 pfu/mL
  • Recombinant protein detectability after sampling: down to 0,3 ng/mL
    Virus: down to 5 000 pfu/ml *

    * Determined  for the detection strip during the development phase by 2-fold serial dilutions of the virus (in viral culture medium) in parallel with titrating the same virus preparation on Vero E6 cells (by plaque assay)

    Applications :

    Environmental testing and Hygiene monitoring


     User Guide :

    •   Quick-Start guide : included in the box
    •   Detailed User Guides are available in 6 languages ("Downloads" tab) 

    Storage TemperatureRoom temperature or below (4°C-25°C)

    Shelf Life (from manufacturing date) :  12 months*

    * at date of this publication: shelf-life claim is based on ongoing real-time ageing and regularly extended

    Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) : 

    Classification according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008

    Not classified. This product is not hazardous and does not contain hazardous ingredients at concentrations used

    Package Description :  Zip-lock pouch containing 5 Tests

    Each Test Box Content :

    • 5 detection strips, with lot number and expiry date
    • 1 dropper vials with 3,5 ml lysis buffer, with lot number and expiry date
    • 1 pouches 5 dry swabs
    • 1 pouch of 5 tubes with stoppers
    • 1 cardboard 3 position tube-holder
    • 1 quick-start instruction leaflet

    Package Dimensions (H x W x D) : 

    • Pouch dimensions: 140 x 220 mm

    Package Weight : 

    • 0,065 kg.

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