Beer Tap Monitoring STARTER Pack for Brewers

Beer Tap Monitoring STARTER Pack for Brewers


Beer Tap Monitoring STARTER Pack for Brewers

Beer Tap Monitoring STARTER Pack for Brewers

Item Number: NPCB TMS 01

Description : Centralized and remote monitoring of beer tap hygiene 

Industries: Brewing Industry

Audience: For breweries producing beer in kegs, who want an independent means of monitoring the level of microbial contamination in their beers at the point of consumption

Application: Centralised monitoring and provision of actionable information on the hygiene maintenance of beer taps in establishments serving draught beer. Coupled with beer tap maintenance information and customer complaints, this monitoring can be used to improve tap maintenance practices


Establish the workflow and practicality of the nomad system for proprietary beer-serving locations, by applying a standard monitoring plan to 3 establishments.

The standard monitoring plan is based on the collection of information: 

Scope: Hygiene and maintenance monitoring


  • Sampling and testing can be done simply, without any equipment on site, on-the-fly (nomad IoT kits)
  • Quantitative results of microorganism counts between 1-20cfu/ml (clean) and 100-300 (contaminated)
  • User guidance, recording and processing of results via Applications (Mobile App and Web), paperless and pen-free

Steps involved

  • Selection of brewpub, taproom, microbrewery, ..,discovery of their history and practices (Brewery-BioMire) 
  • Creation of the monitoring plan (BioMire): List of taps to be monitored and sampling schedule
  • Setting up the elements necessary for the monitoring plan (Brewery with BioMire assistance) 
    • Access and settings of the Apps, use of the kits and Apps
  • Carrying out the controls over a period of approximately 3 months
    • from 2 taps per location
    • over a period of 13 weeks (2 theoretical intervals between successive maintenance)
  • Each data point consists of a microorganism count and a sampling context e.g. type of beer, equipment, recent cleaning history, other measurement records,... 
  • Analysis of the information and user experience (Brewery-BioMire)

Timeline (indicative)

  • Discovery meeting: 1:30 hour (videoconference)
  • Planning and preparation for testing: 8 working days
  • Pre-Analysis meeting: 1:30 hour (video conference)
  • Period of on-site testing and follow-up: approximately 3 months
  • Analysis meeting: 1:30 hour (video conference)
  • Analysis and report: 8 working days