Value proposition

You want to see, decide and take control?

Pragmatic solutions for monitoring and preventing microbial contamination

Without dedicated lab, equipment nor expertise



Microbes made visible

Easy Surveillance



Simple monitoring

Build powerful data 


nomad Device

nomad Devices

Simple, Ready-To-Go


Preventing spoilage

So much avoidable spoilage, so many avoidable sicknesses…

see to understand, act to change



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Who we are

We believe simplicity means less errors, increased versatility and easier access to useful information, 

Our mission is to develop tools to facilitate the exploration of your surrounding, help you look,  understand and decide what you might want to do about what you reveal.

We believe that surveillance of the environment, practices and equipment participate in process understanding and result in facilitated compliance with regulations where they exist.

Microbial monitoring is another lever for increased efficiency, training and reputation.


Our mission


Why should I be monitoring microbial growth?


Our product is based on tried and tested microbial cuturing methods


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