Mini-Study for Brewers Pack - 5 Red nomad Dip Samplers for Total Count Kits (5/Pk)

Mini-Study for Brewers Pack - 5 Red nomad Dip Samplers for Total Count Kits (5/Pk)



Item Number : NTBDK TTC 5

Short Description : 1 Box of 5 red nomad Testers with QR code & 2 Swabs with QR code

TargetTotal Count of stressed or non-stressed microorganisms

Sample type: Liquids and Surfaces


5 nomad test kits with the objective of carrying out a mini study among brewers on 5 sampling points: 3 liquids and 2 surfaces.

For use in combination with nomad mobile Apps.

The red nomad Testers contain HPC medium for recovery of starved, heat or chemically stressed as well as non stressed aerobic microorganisms

QR code information:

  • Unique Device Identifier, Device model & type
  • Link providing access to Expiry Date information when used with the nomad smart microbiology App and a connection is available

Microorganism Appearance

Bacteria colonies appear glistening and translucent or transparent, circular or irregular in shape, with colours varying from colourless to white, cream yellow or occasionally pigmented. Yeast colonies appear satiny, opaque, white. Mold colonies often appear filamentous whitish grey, with fuzzy edges. They usually turn into a different color, from the center outwards


Microbial Risk Management:

  • Hygiene monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Water monitoring
  • Process Monitoring
  • Medical center
  • Dental Units
  • Public inspection

Incubation Conditions:

  •    Non stressed microorganisms : room temperature to 35 °C for 48-72 hrs
  •    Stressed microorganisms : room temperature for 7 days

QC Organisms:

 Escherichia coli  and Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Recovery ≥ 80 %)

 User Guides:

Storage Temperature: Room temperature or below

Shelf Life (from manufacturing date) :  18 months

Filter Material: Mixed Cellulose Esters

Filter Type: 0,45 µm - Black - Gridded

Device Material

  •    Paddle : Polyethylene
  •    Chamber : SAN

Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) : 

This product is a mixture which is not a hazardous according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008

Package Description:  1 box of 5 individually wrapped Testers and 2 Swabs

Package Content: 5 Testers + 2 Swabs

Package Dimensions (H x W x D): 

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  • / inch

Package Weight

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  • / oz.

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