Want reliable information about microbial contaminants 

on-site or off-site

where there are no lab, no equipment, limited technical expertise 

 and perhaps no pen & paper ?

Join our Beta Test Program

If there are situations in your activities where you would like 

an operator on-site or in the field, with limited microbiology skills and no equipment to do a test reliably,

you might consider this program

We are a start-up developing a solution just for that

and are looking for up to 15 candidates to test our pre-commercial version

The offer

  • Order 1 to 4 boxes of devices at a symbolic price
  • Download the Mobile App on a Phone operating with Android V5 or later


  • Follow our monitoring plan template, which guides you through testing all the App functionalities
  • Or, do just what you want with devices for Total Counts


  • Look at the results
  • Ask the user about his experience with both the App and the device
  • Tell us what you think and how to improve

- A smartphone application designed to be easy to use by an operator on site.

- A Ready-To-Use sampling and testing device, self-contained and which holds in a pocket.

The combination automates and secures the monitoring program, the sampling and testing with unprecedented traceability.


We are looking for candidates who monitor (or want to) their processes, hygiene procedures or environment

Predominantly, we are looking for candidate sites in Europe and North America, small/medium size organisations who do not have an internal lab. 

Large companies who conduct field tests are also welcome


Test period will start early March and close end of April 

No specific equipment, lab nor technique are required. 

The devices

Starter box of 25 mixed prototype B-nomad Testers

For use with the monitoring plan template

Participant price : 25€ / box 

Box of 25 red B-nomad Testers with QRCode and UDI

For HPC Total Count in liquids 

Participant price : 100€ / box

About Us

The Pinqkerton founders combine over 50 years of microbial monitoring experience in industrial settings

Pinqkerton is a start-up company based in France

supported by SEMIA incubator, the French Grand-Est Region and the BPI investment bank.

Sounds interesting enough ?
For information and discount code

Please contact us !


1 rue d'Oslo

Espace Européen de l'Entreprise



Interested ?

Thank you, we are looking forward to collaborating with you on this project ! 

If you have any questions, comments or simply want to state you want to join the beta-test, feel free to drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Thanks for accepting to test the nomad application !

Below you'll find all the necessary documentation to install and get started using the App in a diversity of situations

Smartphone App (Android) - Install & Use

You can download the App documentation below

Install & Use


  • B
Monitoring Guides for Specific Industries
Your activity and priorities are unique, but others may have had questions similar to your

Here are some Application Notes composed from experience, which might be helpfulfor your industry.

We would be happy to expand this list and answer your questions: please feel free to contact us!

Shutdown and Restart of a microbrewery

Using nomad for Monitoring Purified Water Systems

Using nomad for Dentists and Dental Unit Water Lines

Using nomad for Hand Hygiene

nomad devices - User Guides

Using the kit is simple!

The way to use a nomad tester is different depending on the sample type and the sampling context. Our user guides are designed to help adapt the base testing protocol(s) to a variety of different business contexts.

If your specific circumstances are not sufficiently addressed in our guide, please feel free to contact us, through our Contact Us page.

User Guide for Liquid Samples


- Preamble

-- One-Page Test Protocol – Liquids

-- Tester components

- Sampling

- Instructions for testing Liquid Samples

- Culture-Incubation Guide

- Colony Counting Guide

- Counting Colonies

- Ordering Information

User Guide for Surface Samples


- Preamble
-- One-Page Test Protocol – surfaces
-- Tester components- Sampling
- Instructions for testing surfaces (Linear)
- Instructions for testing surfaces (Area)
- Culture-Incubation Guide
- Colony Counting Guide
- Counting Colonies
- Ordering Information

Merci d'avoir accepté de tester l'Application nomad.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous la documentation nécessaire pour l'installation de l'application, ainsi que des guides d'utilisation pour différentes applications.

Installation et Utilisation de l' App pour Smartphone (Android)

Notes d'application pour différentes industries
Vos activités et vos objectifs sont uniques, mais d'autres se sont peut-être posé des questions similaires aux vôtres.

Vous trouverez ici des Notes Techniques élaborées à partir de cas concrets, qui pourront vous être utiles.

Nous aimerions étendre cette liste et répondre à vos demandes : n'hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous ne trouvez pas ce que vous cherchez !

Arrêt et redémarrage d'une microbrasserie

Utilisation des nomad pour le suivi de la qualité de votre eau purifiée

Utilisation des nomad pour le suivi des units dentaires

Utilisation des dispositifs nomad

Guide d'utilisation : les échantillons liquides


Protocole résumé 

- Les composants des dispositifs

- L'échantillonnage

- Tester les échantillons liquides

- La culture-incubation

- Le dénombrement des colonies

- Guide d’achat

Guide d'utilisation : les surfaces


- Protocole résumé
- Les composants des dispositifs
- L'écouvillonnage
- Tester les surfaces (linéaire)
- Teste les surfaces (zone)
- La culture-incubation 
- Le dénombrement des colonies 
- Guide d’achat

Un certificat de qualité est disponibles pour chaque lot de nomad

Contactez nous avec votre demande, en joignant la référence produit et sont numéro de lot, nous vous enverrons le certificat par courriel

Vielen Dank, dass Sie sich für nomad-Tester entschieden haben, um Ihr mikrobielles Bewusstsein zu verbessern.